Thursday, February 26, 2004

I hate talking about politics, so I think that I'm going to cease from doing so from now on. Instead I'll focus on what I know about, which is getting drunk (or not drunk!) and watching tv. I mean, partying. Yeah. Partying.

Tuesday I got to hear a certain album by my favorite fucking singer who was in one of my favorite fucking bands of all time. I pumped my fists into the air and demanded hearing songs "louder" and "again" and all the while i pumped more and more beers into my empty belly. A moment away from shaking my beer bottle and spraying it's contents all over my bosses, my stomach started bugging out so I just kinda hung back and listened to the crooner soothe my belly into peace until we were asked to leave the offices of the record label since I drank them out of house and home. OK, that's a lie, we were asked to leave cause it was getting late.

So i walked back to the SPIN offices singing, logged onto my computer, did a blog entry, and called Rob Holmes to see if he wanted to meet for a beer before the Imarobot/Kill Hannah/Sounds show. Meeting up with Rob = good. Meeting up for a beer = bad. We grabbed a beer and i cringed with every sip, trying to hold down the dark sludge of a really thick lager. By the time we entered Irving Plaza I was telling Rob that it was gonna be an early night because my stomach had had enough with me and was calling a coup. So after Kill Hannah's amazing set (dude, they're so fucking cute -- if i were sixteen their photos would be lining my walls) which included the old song "Nerve Gas", i went to get my jacket. I was walking through the crowd when I spotted... him. The boy my roommate and i have been swooning over every week. The boy we declared would be our next baby daddy. The boy who has made us want to move to the... OC. Ryan! He was standing with a couple of friends, wearing glasses, and looking sort of -- goofy. Not like, dorky, but like, happy go-lucky. Not intense like his character. So i walked over shamelessly and said "Are you Ryan from the OC? I'm such a huge fan!" and walked away. Me? I'm 100% dorkus.

So then Rob stuck me in a cab and I went home. I collapsed into bed by 11 only to be woken up at 3:30am by a drunken Mat Devine who was outside my apt and needed to be let up for a place to crash. About 15 minutes later the rest of Kill Hannah, plus a roadie called Wooter, were half naked and wrestling each other in my bedroom as I begged "Shhhh! You'll wake up my roommates!" Apparently they were at a club were some old coke dealer dude fell down the stairs and they had to wait for paramedics or something. Anyway, after the fagathon of wrestling ended (it was actually one of the hottest thing i've ever witnessed with my own eyes), the boys all passed out on various parts of my floor. The alcohol smelling sweat intoxicated me to sleep.

Last night I DJed a party for the Club Dread movie premier. It was as some fancy club called the Social Club and the KH boys came along with the Boyfriends. Last night was Greg the Boyfriend's birthday and my only gift to him was an open bar and a friendly smooch in the DJ booth. He spent the night looking for a "fit bird" and the only one he could find was also searching for a fit bird. Boyfriend Greg is way better looking then he ever gives himself credit for. I met him at a Clinic show about 2 years ago when I spotted him from across the room and literally dragged him by the arm with Lizzy (it was actually mine and Lizzy's first date without a chaperone) to a party I was DJing. I don't think he knew my name until a year later. And Raphael, he's a better looking Ryan Adams, only he's Cuban like Elian Gonzales. I've got the two cutest and most fun non-boyfriend boyfriends ever!

After dropping the boys at the VonBondies after party -- and after consuming about 4 beers in 2 hours at the open bar while djing -- i consulted my bed. My lovely bed. Alone at last. Unlit cigarette in one hand, and ashtray in the other, i drifted off to dreams of half naked boys wearing eyeliner wrestling around in my room. This morning I interviewed Simon LeBon. It's like boys in eyeliner are following me.

Tonight Rob is taking me out to dinner (hot! a boy actually paying for me! instead of the other way around!). Then we're going to karaoke with Brian at Remote Lounge for a little Sid and Buddy action -- PLUS, Grant is back in town.

OK, the Stills just came up on my iTunes. I really love that "Montreal" song. I'm also warming up to Longwave. Everytime I hear them I'm like "who is this?" in a positive way. Maybe I just didnt give them enough of a chance. I think in my head i was always thinking that you could either like the Walkmen OR Longwave but not both (like blur vs oasis). I dunno. I'm not very smart sometimes.

By the way, apparently the Strokes are doing a secret show tomorrow (Friday, February 27) at CBGB's. Since it's shabbat, i wont be going. But I'm sure it'll be fun, sweaty, and loud -- if it's actually happening and not a ploy for some unknown band to get a bunch of kids to their show. I don't think i actually like the Strokes' second album all that much. Call me picky, but i really dig being able to hear vocals on a record. Maybe that's why i like the Muse album so much. Speaking of which...if you IMed me to get the track and i didn't reply, it's cause I left my AIM on over night at work.

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