Wednesday, February 25, 2004


I posted this in the comment box that went along with my "bush hates gay people" posting, but incase the person that should read it (and who so cowardly doesn't attach an email to their postings -- dude, i mean, if you're gonna dish hate at least have balls when doing so) doesnt read it, here it is:

OH MY GOD! my use of the word "fag" was IRONIC!

Holy shit. What kind of bullshit is this where you think i'm seriously using the word "fag." It was used in irony.

Also, if you dont like reading this blog, dont. it's so simple like that. If i dont like reading something, or listening to something, i just focus my attention on more compelling items.

And if you're gonna say that i should turn my attention to more compelling things when dealing with Bush -- this is the sort of thing that effects people in a different way THEN A STUPID FUCKING BLOG ABOUT HOW I LIKE TO GET DRUNK AND PARTY.

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