Monday, February 23, 2004


Dont read this article while listening to death cab for cutie's song "transatlanticism." so utterly depressing, i'm hardly able to hold back the tears. What the fuck is happening in our world right now and what the hell have we done? What do i (we) do now? I don't mean to sound like a stupid fucking hippy, but I'm seriously overwhelmed with fright by this article. I understand that it might not be true and blown severely out of proportion, but if even 1/10th of it is based in truth, i'm seriously considering the future in ways that i've never. Do i want to have children if they'll be brought up in such awful environmental conditions? what sort of life can i guarantee them? what is the fucking point anymore? even alcohol can't remedy this situation, not to mention it'll leave me severely dehydrated and there's no water to spare.

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