Friday, February 27, 2004


OK, I have absolutely no idea if what i said about the secret Strokes show is true or not. But added rumors floating around L'Office de SPIN is that Moby will be opening. I have no more information about this event at all. I dont even like the Strokes.

Last night, while at Karaoke to celebrate Grant coming back to NYC, i found out that his return is PERMANANT. I think when he told me this my face turned red and my body temp went up. I was like "Oh, so you think you can go frolic in the wild west for a bunch of months and then come back and claim Brian back? You think so huh? Well, fuck you! He's mine now. You and Tara left and I adopted him. Fuck off." And then he said that we could share him. That works too since Grant is hot. I kissed him last night. Then the three of us -- Grant, Brian, and myself -- performed Madonna's "Borderline". Oh, that was after Sid & Buddy asked the room "how many people have made out with Ultragrrrl?" on a night that... well, a fair number of room occupants had.

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Singing all long night in karaoke bar you guys have a blast!