Thursday, May 20, 2004


On saturday i went to Andy"s for a BBQ with Lindsay. The discussion turned to the effects drusg vs. alcohol has on the brain. Before I continue, I should mention that Andy is a Scientist and goes to medical school and knows these things. Anyway, Andy has no reason to tell me the truth about drugs vs. alochol effects on the brain other then I might it interesting. We were drinking beers and he was telling me that Alchohol has the worst effect on the brain. That in a brain scan, and doctor can tell you if you're an alcoholic and that the effects are not only irreversable but also permanant (which i guess is the same thing). Alcohol has a harsher effect on the brain then pot, E, coke, and heroin -- because at least with those drugs, your brain can go back to normal after a short amount of time (the effects of E are still up in the air).

So it was with this information that i decided that i really needed to curb my lifestyle. I know i tried it in the past, but before I didn't feel like my reasons were backed with enough scientific reasoning. I stopped drinking because it was expensive and i was making a fool of myself when drunk. I stopped drinking because i wound up with inexplicable cuts and bruises. I stopped drinking because my family were threatening AA and rehab.

But then i started drinking again. The money problem was sorted with my decision to only drink when someone else is buying. The other problems were fixed by drinking a little less or being careful of who i drink with so that they could expect and maybe enjoy my drunken behavior.

Now i'm going to curb my alcohol reason for medical reasons.

I haven't had a drink since saturday, and while i'm not gonna stop drinking all together, i WILL reinstate my "drinking only on two nights a week" rule. Tomorrow will be on of those days, presumably, since i'm attending two birthday parties and djing one, but friday and sunday will be sober days.

Anyway, that's all. Goodnight. Tomorrow, i'm posting a link about the Asobie Seksu video.


cody said...

good for you. but does this mean you're going to be a junkie instead? just kidding. that's really great.

Chris Clark said...

I was thinking the same thing... does that mean drink for 2 nights a week and do coke for the other 5?


Anonymous said...

Best of luck with the cutback!


Greg the Boyfriend said...

My brain is mush. I think I might join you.

Anonymous said...

another doctor and my stepdad, a chemist, told me that getting stoned is better than drinking in terms of our brains. you missed me in my drinking glory days- when i was 22 i was wasted for like a year straight, but the acting like an asshole part and puking made me curtail that. i limit myself to 4-5 drinks a week, and this is difficult if you are a social person that always goes out to dinner/bars/etc-


Anonymous said...

I heard that Coke has long lasting effects on the brain, because it actually kills the brain cells that release whatever subtance that makes us happy (excuse my non-chemist vocabulary!) and therefore leads to depression. True or not?


Anonymous said...

You're still gonna pour drinks on your head, though, right?

Anonymous said...

Alcohol also reeks irreparable damage on your liver. Without your liver, it doesn't really matter how your brain is functioning. Best of luck and health.

Sarah said...

I'm not gonna be a junkie.

Burnside Richard said...

you should just do more drugs, then.

alcohol's a downer, anyway.

Anonymous said...

seriously dude...shut up & drink.

why prolong a life without booze? drink all you can and die young if need be. at least then your life will be enjoyable. ugh...non-drinkers make me ill...or maybe it's the booze.


andrew said...

I'm curious, what was your friend's verdict on other psychedelics? It would be interesting to know. As far as the booze thing, I'd have to disagree. Booze is a downer. I've had friends go down and out. Have you ever watched someone go up and out? :)