Friday, May 14, 2004


Laura posted something very important last week: "The Killers = obnoxiously pretty"

More photos of how pretty they are.

I know I hype every band fronted by a pretty face (or at least most of them) who sound like they spend all day listening to the Smiths and Joy Division, but like, when the Killers album becomes available you're all gonna be singing along. Until then, you can buy an EP of theirs on iTunes for "Somebody Told Me" -- which I promise will make your ass move.

I repeat, this is not a Killers fansite. I just like the band a lot and want to have 10,000 of their babies.

This morning when I went to the "Cold Pizza" taping i brought the new issue of Star Magazine with the Olsen twins on the cover and said "i want mary-kate's makeup please." Mission accomplished! I also dropped the obvs bomb since I knew that Uncle Grambo was watching.

Unbelievably, Muse's Absolution is on the soundscan chart this week... at #196, which blows my mind. I honestly didn't think anyone else listened to them other than me and the people who sit 10 feet from me and have to listen to me blasting "Apocalypse Please" all day long.

OK, this weekend's buzz:
The Olsen Twins are on SNL with R.Kelly. Fantastic booking.

Misshapes is always fun on saturday night.

Nate the ex-roommate's band, Modern, is performing at Luna lounge sunday. They sound like Sunny Day Real Estate meets Radiohead and Nate is a total hottie.

And tonight, Colder is playing at Rothko (rivington and suffolk on the lower east side). I can't find the link to their site, but they sound like early new order mixed with joy division and Alex Chow blew a load when he heard them saying they sounded like "every band i ever liked from the 80s rolled into one." let's hope their live show is hot.


Karen said...

holy shit sarah, what would i do without you? clearly not notice the buttraping irony of this weeks SNL lineup. im gonna go ahead and cancel my super fancy kickass saturday night nosecandy infested plans and watch the pee-place-touching commence!

MG said...

Not that this is a Killers fansite or anything, but if you're interested, you can read my review of the EP here. My interview with Brandon Flowers will be posted on Defy any day now.

largehearted boy said...

The wonderful hushreality has posted The Killers doing a Morrissey cover, "Why Don't You Find Out for Yourself":

(Now I want makeup like the Olsen Twins...)

The Corsair said...

"The Olsen Twins are on SNL with R.Kelly. Fantastic booking."


solace said...

it's actually the Olsen Twins & J-Kwon on tonight :(

KuorkiKaze said...

soberity sucks......

Godfrey said...

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