Sunday, May 16, 2004


Scott Stereogum just posted this amazing Delays b-side that sounds like the Cocteau Twins meets Sigur Ros... well, actually way more Cocteau Twins then anything else. Really ambiant and stunning with falsetto vocals. Just pretty.

Oh, and wanna party on May 20?? Alex Pappademas and Andy Greenwald from SPIN Magazine are having a birthday party on May 20 at the Slipper Room. I'm gonna be DJing it for a bit and have been told that I could invite people. Consider this the invite.

If you wanna know what they want for their birthdays here are some ideas:
Andy likes the following stuff: emo, clever comic books, video games, and 'shrooms.
Alex likes the following stuff: digital cameras, the fall, and lsd.

you dont have to buy them gifts. just show up. dance. drink. be hedonistic. watch people you read the words of drink more than you and never pass out.

good times.


JD Stone said...

Day after my birthday! And, as many know, my NJ social life borders on Puritan - dare I make an appearance?

Oh, I so need a birthday party.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah,
I enjoy reading your blog on a daily basis! You have very good taste in music! I'm also a huge Muse fan and was wondering if you know anything about when tickets for the Curiosa Festival are going to go on sale since I found out a day too late about the Bowery show and missed out on seeing Muse, I'm taking every precaution to not have that happen again! So I'd greatly appreciate anything you could tell me. Also I just recently heard a band called Keane, they are really good, if you don't already know them, I think you may like them.

solace said...

oooh, thanks a ton

i'm infatuated with that Delays record at the moment :)

AlexisT said...

I saw The Strokes last night and my ears are still ringing. Anyway, random ? for you...since you go to 1,456 concerts a week do you ever wear ear plugs?

Anonymous said...

Hey Alexis!
How was the show? Was that the one in the park?

I've started wearing earplus more and more... but not nearly as often as i should. My hearing is definitely shit.

AlexisT said...

The show was great, I'm going to write about it later on my blog. I saw them in Providence last night, couldn't get the NYC tixs. Julian was so fucking hillarious and somewhat sober?!?!?! He body surfed in the crowd during "Someday" and someone stole his shoe. So he got back onstage and started throwing his socks to the crowd. Great energy from the band and crowd. I was lovin it.