Thursday, May 13, 2004


Thank you to Grambo and Best Week Evs for this photo that i wont even post cause it's really awful. Hint: it's

Anyway, got a haircut (finally) at Whistle. I'd been told to go there by a shit load of people and finally Karen gave me the number and the name of the dude she goes to. I know that Interpol goes there, and i'll do anything they do cause they're the best band and I want to be them and have 10,000 of their babies. I ended up getting only a trim cause my hair stylist liked my long hair a lot. I hadn't cut my hair since last july and when he was snipping away i suggested he just hack it off and give me a mohawk. He said he'd do it next time. I'm sick of my hair.

After the hair cut I started walking home and ran into Lindsayism and TMFTML (whom i sort of refuse to call by his real name) outside of the Magician on Rivington. We had a drink and then popped into Rothko for Audrey's party. $2 PBR! Hot damn! Not that it matters -- I made a new rule that I will only drink when others are buying. Thankfully, Brian was my sugar daddy for the night.

After listening to the always amazing Rob Sheffield and Dennis Cahlo DJ, I headed over to the Hole with Brian and Sarah Wilson to see Sera DJ. I only stayed for about a half hour tho cause that played has cooties. Brian was nice enough to walk me home and I didn't even have to put out! Score!

Anyway, that was a boring post. Sorry. I've got nothing interesting happening... oh... I did accidently bust in on Lindsay the roommate last night and she had not top on. She's officially a member of apartment 3A.

Does anyone watch Cold Pizza on ESPN? I'm gonna be on tomorrow morning at 8am. Fun times. I'm gonna try to drop some Whatevs vernac.

"the answer to that is bovs, dude."


Uncle Grambo said...

drop and "obvs" and that shizz will take off like wildfizz. natch.

kit hoover 4-ever!

Anonymous said...

i'd watch... but i leave for work before 8. [gross, i know]. -janelle

Anonymous said...

Dear Ultragrrrl,
My girlfriend who wants to be you wonders if Rob Sheffield has a blog, livejournal, friendster page or some other presence on the web. Being as how my girlfriend wants to be you (whoopsy, repeating myself already), she reads your blog often and has seen you mention him twice recently, so she thinks you would know if anyone would.

Thanks for your help,
Whipped (but not cream) in Connecticut

Anonymous said...

courtney looks like my drunk neighbor when she dresses up and goes to the liquor store.


Anonymous said...

courtney love looks like the wrestler Ric Flair

Ada said...

The Killers are coming to San Diego!!!!!!!