Thursday, May 6, 2004


Last night while I was in the theater by Times Square (and mtv, btw) watching the new Olsen Twins movie, I received a voice mail from my friend Gideon who was like "Sarah, the Olsen twins are taping TRL today. Call me back if you want to go." I got that voice mail this afternoon. God laughs at me sometimes.

Anyway, I raced back to the Lower East Side so i could DJ Nora's party at Piano. Had a really great time and got to see a bunch of good friends, including my brother, whom i hadn't seen in ages.

Tonight I was gonna go home to watch the finale of Friends but then Vicki told me that she had an extra ticket for Morrissey and suddenly it's like "what the fuck is a chandler?" I look so grungy and grody for the show tonight... c'est la vie. Harlem is mine and it owes me champagne.

Anyway... I'm gonna be DJing at Misshapes on Saturday but things are gonna be a bit different... read on:

Ultragrrrl: i just booked all of us
Ultragrrrl: OK. the first ever Tarts of Pleasure Vs. Death & Destruction at Misshapes. Saturday night at 1am.
deadelevators: haha! AWESOME
deadelevators: i'mm excited
deadelevators: you better not play what i play
Ultragrrrl: you are not allowed to play "laid".
deadelevators: fine but you are not allowed to play franz ferd or the killers
Ultragrrrl: i didnt discover the killers, but i turned you on to them!
Ultragrrrl: they were mine first. but you want them, you've got them.
Ultragrrrl: no joy division for you.
deadelevators: oh FINE
deadelevators: fine you can have killers if i can have Franz
deadelevators: you can have joy division if i can have the Cure
Ultragrrrl: you can have the cure and franz and the killers.
deadelevators: wow
deadelevators: you gonna pull some crazy shit on my ass
Ultragrrrl: i'm not sure what i have up my sleeve just yet.
Ultragrrrl: but i'm gonna have to really pull something out of it if i'm giving you all those bands.
deadelevators: you can have Sigur Ros and Mum
deadelevators: hows that sound
Ultragrrrl: fine, but you can't have all american rejects
Ultragrrrl: oh, we have to play lots of smiths songs
Ultragrrrl: that's the only catch. cause it's a smiths event.
deadelevators: we should do a smiths vs. cure thing
deadelevators: oh
deadelevators: smiths event
deadelevators: okay thats fine
Ultragrrrl: great.
deadelevators: this is going to be fun!
deadelevators: im excited
Ultragrrrl: 1-2:30 is our slot
deadelevators: awesome!!!
deadelevators: i'm gonna fuck shit up
Ultragrrrl: how do you want to be billed for the party?
Ultragrrrl: Death & Destruction featuring?
deadelevators: how are you guys going to be billed
deadelevators: i guess:
deadelevators: somethign like:
deadelevators: Tarts of Pleasure feat. Ultragrrrl (SPIN) + Karen (Agency Group) VS. Death and Destruction feat Alex Chow (Madison Strays/SPIN) + Ryan Rayhill (Rockstar Games)
deadelevators: unless that is way too long, heh
Ultragrrrl: i think it'll work out
deadelevators: okay cool
Ultragrrrl: oh wait. we gotta play franz ferdinand since our dj group is named after a franz song.
deadelevators: oh fine but then i want the killers

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