Sunday, May 30, 2004


I now have a second spin off! This is exciting. Yesterday my friend Niki moved in and started a blog of her own.

As she blogs, my book shelf collapsed, my cell phone dropped in the can, and i probably managed to have a third fuck up along the way that I forgot to take note of, because, things happen in threes, right?

I went to Misshapes last night to dance and dance some more. I ended up staying until 4:15 am cause the DJs were just pumping out the hits. Anytime "Violet" by Hole gets played, you know you can't go -- not just yet.

I met Andrew, the bassist of Pitty Sing, last night. Told him how much I fucking loved his EP and apologized for the not-so-pleasant review I once gave his band's live show. The EP is really fucking good and I wish them the best of luck. I suggest you get it asap. Or at least check out any song clips on their site. They're kinda like Frankie Goes To Hollywood-ish... and i mean that in a really good way.

Right now Lindsay is playing OK Computer. I fucking love that album more then ... stuff.


Pratt said...

This is a fun blog to read. I enjoy the writing.Keep up the good work.

frank said...

i would tell more people about your blog but then i might have to stop ripping off your wonderful taste in music and claiming it as my own. you rule.

astralgirl01 said...

I dropped my phone in the chunky "meatwater" in the Meatpacking District once. It was an instantly sobering experience. It kept on working for about a year after, surprisingly.

And yes, OK Computer is one of the best albums EVER. I still have to listen to it straight thru, with no skipping about, and I sometimes still cry when the album reaches the end. Sooooo good... it was the album that convinced me I have to marry a British rock star and bare their genius babies.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, can you contact Brian Battjer and tell him his page is inaccessible?

Anonymous said...

another spin off! Niki's profile is cute, i like how it's the way you wrote yours (if that makes sense).
+ i was reading the Morrissey Spin (again, for the hundredth time) and i had to say, i really liked that month's "making out". franz ferdinand is so hot!

glitterrriot @ lj

Nylund said...

Sarah, you know I love you, but if you use the word "then" instead of "than" one more time, I am going to burn down your apartment.

Anonymous said...

I shall help him.

The Corsair said...

oh lord, the "meatwater" in the meatpacking district. In high summer, you can actually glide across the neighborhood on the gristle that cakes the sidewalk.

toddc said...

i'm still waiting for the "chunky" recap of last thursday. c'mon, it's like tivo-ing 4 episodes of the OC but then you're tivo eats the 3rd episode. how can i move on in this soap opera if i'm missing a key piece?!