Saturday, December 11, 2004


My computer at work has been acting postivily retarded for the past week. This is why I haven't been able to update for some time -- not until now, when my roommate Niki got home and brought her computer with her.

Has anyone seen the new video for the Killers' "Mr. Brightside"? I have a totally abstract crush on Brandon Flowers, but when I see that video, that abstract crush is a totally full-on crush and my vagina explodes. When I told him this, which i did cause I've got no shame, he was blown away from that term and asked if that was a good thing. Yes, it's a good thing. H-E-A-R-T-T-H-R-O-B.

Anyway, I've put for sale the next stolen transmission single. I wont be able to send these out til after the holidays, unfortunately, but you can buy it now! It's for the oohlas. They'll be playing on tuesday at Cinespace in LA (and I'll be DJing! cause i'm gonna be in LA as of tomorrow for a week), and my vagina explodes for them.

You can also buy both that single and the Louis XIV one for $7 if you buy them together. I only have a few copies of the Louis XIV single left, so hurry up!

Anyway, I've been dying to write about going to DC last weekend.

So friday rolled around, and i took the Chinatown express in NYC to the lovely Chinatown in DC. The ride was boring, as you might expect and I spent the entire time needing to eat and salivating as we drove by all the rest stops. My head was hurting since I only had one redbull that day (as opposed to the normal four i've been rocking while on "The (not so) Healthy (but effective) Diet of Champions" -- which includes four redbulls a day, a 3x shot venti cappuchino, and two lovely Peanutbutter Chocolate Zone bars ... sometimes I get chest pains).

Army of Vintz picked me up and we went to meet up with the Vicar (who was down there as well) at uh... Coyote Ugly. A friend of theirs had to go see someone's band, so we just hung out and I nursed a seltzer water -- despite the Vicar urging me to drink by saying that it's ok, since we were in DC and nobody would know -- and cheered on the bartenders when they hopped on stage and cheered on the cover band that played songs I had forgotten.

Afterwards we went to the Black Cat, which i was told, is the only cool bar to go to in DC. Turns out that Daniel was in town as well, so we had some veggie burgers in their little vegetarian restaurant with the Vic's friend Danny and returned to the RedRoom so I could absorb DC and kill the Vicar by spraying on too much Michael Kors perfume.

Then we went back to Vintz house and chilled out there. I was staying there and ended up going to bed giggling cause we all totally had a sleepover and were making fart jokes the whole night. We're mature, incase you didn't notice.

Saturday came and we went to the HSFest. I ended up going to that because I originally was gonna go to the KROQ almost acoustic xmas, but turns out my little cousin is having a Bar Mitzvah tomorrow, which made that impossible for me. Family first. Everything else second... as much as possible.

So HSFest was the closest i could get to a dream line up that wasnt the KROQ show, which I can't really think about without wanting to cry. It was like the HSF people were like "OK, apart from Muse and Interpol, what bands can we have play that will make Sarah blow a load?" and what they came up with was...
My Chemical Romance, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, Jimmy Eat World, Keane, Good Charlotte and Velvet Revolver.

MCR were fucking awesome, as usual. Gerard's voice was failing him a bit, but that just meant that he got to sing the songs a bit differently. And Frankie is a fucking dream boat, and Mikey is Mikey -- which is to say that he's awesome.

After their set the Killers showed up and some of the other bands were dying to meet them cause everyone loves the killers (including people voting for the grammys i hope). Brandon is one good looking fella, and so not only were the dudes in other bands stoked to meet their new favorite band, but they were also gossiping about how good looking he was -- in a totally non gay way. People are just kinda endeared by him, cause he's endearing. It's the Morman charm.

Mikey was stoked cause Bob from Franz said hello to him. I told him that he must've been giving him the bassist hello -- which i assume is like a secret handshake. People were stoked to meet other people, and I was stoked cause I got to see a bunch of friends in one place all at once. Plus, there was a huge case of redbull sitting around, and Mikey gave me a meal ticket (literally) so I got to eat, get caffinated, listen to awesome bands, and smile for about 10 hours straight.

The Killers set was amazing. The Vicar and I stood around dancing and singing along and going "oh my god, they're so good." I will be bummed out when I'm bored at one of their shows.

Franz Ferdinand were great, but, and I really hate to be "one of those people," but i miss seeing them in small venues. Or maybe something is missing. There was once this sexual energy between the band members, and their show at SXSW remains one of the best live show experiences of my entire life, but at the show in DC, it just wasnt there. They're all obviously still friends and enjoy each other's company, but maybe they need to do something to add spice to their relationship, like an old married couple.

Mind you, they put on a great show, technically, and I will admit that it was probably mostly my fault that I didn't feel that spark becuase I was standing a bit back and not in the crowd of sweaty kids. I wasn't high. I wasn't drunk. I was sober, and caffinated, and standing with a bunch of people who needed convincing. I should've been up close. I should've been yelling "oh my god, i fucking love you!" But instead, i was standing in the VIP deck trying to get my friends excited. But nobody danced.

Throughout the night, in the backstage area, any time one of the Velvet Revolver guys would walk by, their tour manager or roadie dude, or whatever he is, would walk through the hall first clearing the way -- it didn't matter if you were just someone hanging out, working at the station, or a multiplantinum band member -- if one of the VR guys had to come through, you had to move. And if you didnt move, their road dude would take you by the shoulders and push you up against the wall. It was very Spinal Tap. Everyone just stood around dumbfounded. None of the other members of any other band insisted on such treatment. All the other bands were hanging out and having fun and joking around. So when this happened, several times, we all just stood around laughing our asses off and immitating the VR security. We also apologized that it wasn't 1988/1995 anymore.

Good Charlotte was the last show I stuck around for. I'm sorry, but they're fucking awesome. I know I've been late to the game on this, and there are times when people are like "dude, sarah, seriously, enough about GC on the blog, it's not doing you any favors." but you know what, eff that shit.

I took my two boys, Wyatt and The Vicar, to watch with me. Wyatt is Brandon's best friend from growing up and now tours with the Killers as a roadie, and mostly just a good time maker. I adore Wyatt, as most people who encounter him do. Wyatt and the Vicar PLUS Mikey equals my absolute happiness. So having my two boys there with me, might've been part of the reason why I enjoyed the show so much. Anyway, I really wanted Wyatt to see GC cause the Killers had to leave early, and I thought there might be something to their live show that he could pass on, plus, i just thought it'd be a show he'd enjoy. Well, it was easy to enjoy cause they put on a great fucking show. Everytime one of their new songs would come on, Wyatt would say "is this a new song? it's good." Which proves my point about their new material since Wyatt's taste in music is actually impeccable. At one point Joel ran from the stage and into the bleachers and sang from there. The kids went fucking nuts. The three of us smiled from ear to ear and cheered. Say what you will about the band, but you can't deny their ability to perform and entertain live. Also, they dress awesomely these days. Benji looked like Carlos D from the audience and I often had to do double takes. And I looked out into the crowd from the floor and noticed a kid far far away dressed like Joel... which is sort of a take on being dressed like Brandon, which takes everything full circle.

After their set we were all hanging out when the VR guys make every clear for the 403rd time. Eventually, an hour and a half late, Weiland showed up. As we were all being pushed up against the wall by security, i looked over and realized that i knew the main security/roadie/whatever dude of VR. It was LA Tony! LA Tony used to be the roadie for the Music when they were touring with the Vines about a year or two ago. Me and my friends loved LA Tony cause he was incredibly accomidating to all of us and would always make sure we were taken care of, not to mention, he had the best stories of all time from his days as a road manager. I yelled out "Tony!" and he looked at me and i said "I'm Sarah! I know you through the music. I'm one of Tim V's best friends!" He made the connection (or pretended to) and I wasn't pushed against the wall anymore.

While the band was on stage one of the radio djs came up to Mikey and said "dude, did you hear? You're Duff's favorite band. he really wants to meet you!" So when I saw LA Tony walk by again I called him over and introduced him to Mikey. He flipped out and was totally excited, "You have to stay here and meet Duff. He's dying to meet you!" So we stuck around, but time kept on going on, and I really wanted to shower, so I bid Mikey and Danny farewell and he got to meet Duff. It's kinda funny how these things work sometimes.

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