Thursday, December 2, 2004


Did anyone see last night's "South Park" with Paris Hilton? It was easily one of the funniest things I've seen on South Park in a long time... maybe even on TV in general. I IMed my friends this morning telling them about it, like "and then, you heard squishy sounds... and he was dressed like a bear!!!" This is all funnier if you've seen it or know what I'm talking about it. Come over tonight to watch "The OC" with the Killers and I'll show you "South Park" afterwards since I DiVo'd it.

Scotty sent this to me, and I laughed cause I love the "Daily Show" and puppies.

Also, everyone is getting retarded for this band called Acceptance. All I know is that their album is coming out on Columbia in April and they're from Seattle... which boggles my mind cause Seattle was like 10 years ago. I listend to one song and it's like Hoobastank meets Maroon5, and yet i sort of LOVE EVERY SECOND of it. It's like OC music.

Scott has pictures of the Federlines with the new puppy, but I've got pictures of them celebrating Brit's birthday. The Brizza looks fucking awesome and my ideal man prototype, Kevin, looks FINE AS FUCK:

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