Friday, December 17, 2004


Yesterday morning I picked up Ollie and we went to the Happiest Place on Earth: Disneyland.

It was surprisingly un-chaotic and we got to ride all the fun rides that we wanted to ride.

We even met famous people like Santa Claus!! Could you believe he was just sitting around, chilling out?

I tried to find Cruella DeVille, but she was being a total bitch and that made me bummed:

The Haunted Mansion became the Nightmare Before Xmas Haunted Mansion, and Ollie, who happens to know a lot of really interesting secrets about Disneyland, pointed out a giant spider on the glass that separated the riders and a ballroom of dancing ghosts. "See that spider?" she said, "years ago a guy came onto this ride with a gun and shot the glass. the glass is part of the entire structure of the building and it'd be too hard to remove and change it so they just put a spider there to cover the hole."

After we rode all the rides we went to the brOC to meet up with our buddies Kris and Baron.

Everyone got way drunk, cept for me, cause I don't drink anymore, and i was driving. Look! I'm sitting next to Kevin Federline!!

Then I drove Baron and Ollie home and we called my friend Rob and Ronnie from the Killers and left them drunk messages of us singing "Midnight Show" and "Mr. Brightside." Sadly, I wasn't drunk, but sung perfectly offkey as if i was.


Anonymous said...


stereogum said...

yay comments!

Anonymous said...

a few things:
1) so happy the comments are back in akshun.
2) your friend reminds me of my very good friend leah, and her glasses are really cute and great.
3) you're still the cutest + the only one my heart has any room for!
4) i am a loser.


Anonymous said...

yo sarah, you look effing great.
glad you're actually having fun in la. every time i go there i always feel overwhelmed in a way that only la could make you feel.
keep up the good blogging.

Anonymous said...

Yay comments are back! Thank you Sarah!

Sam, yeah I have to agree with you about the last two things that you have mentioned dude.

Great pics Sarah! Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

what bar are you folks at? i'm trying to tell by the picture but i can't.

Anonymous said...

wow, Baron's having a really tough time with that westside "W"...he's drunkenly focused but doesn't seem to be pulling it off, lol.

great having you here sarah.

: )

meka said...

looking good sarah.