Thursday, December 30, 2004


I was going through my files today and found this photo from about a year ago. I was never a big fan cause when they hit big I was only able to hear sounds in the frequencey of Smiths. But since I like men with girlish faces, I've always thought Taylor was pretty hot, and from what i remember of this day, he remained hot... and girlish. The little one giving me a chokehold was being totally antagonistic, and the oldest one, Isaaaaac, was really nice and liked Interpol a lot. Anyway, I have no reason to share this other than the fact that i thought it was pretty funny.

Also, my friend Costa sent me a link to a song cause he thought I might like it and now I can't stop listening to it. So right click/save as and give it a whirl. Oh, they're called The Spinto Band... I haven't looked at their site yet... just got the link.

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