Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Elijah Wood and his sister went shopping the other day and revealed that they were actually Deryk & Avril. Revealed! Developing! Etc.

Also, a friend of mine sent me the following email that makes any of my NYC misadventures seem tame:

flew into vail wednessday. got picked up in a car and made the trek to aspen. the most gorgeous hour and half drive ever. got to the sky hotel and crashed. woke up and met the fam for dinner. went out after dinner. the fam left early and i continued on. i met a guy from orange county. he used to move coke by the keys. he gave me more shit then i knew what to do with. so much so that i think i threw away much of it. crawled into bed around 5.

thursday. shopped a little. went to some after ski lounges. peeped on the hottest women i have ever seen. and coming from orange county thats a bold fucking statement. went out to dinner. the guy i met the night before took me out to the clubs/bars to get a real tast of aspen and all the beautiful women that live there. hit up 4 different clubs/bars. the fucker kept giving me more blow again. dont remember much from this night.

friday. turned phone off to avoid temptation. more shopping. saw celebs everywhere. went to dinner. back to the hotel to sleep.

saturday. the big day. boarded ajax mountain. went to christmas dinner at the st regis hotel. then went back to my hotel to try to get into a party that was thrown by will smith and mariah carey. saw usher. while waiting to get in i met the HOTTEST fucking girl ever. i was ordering drinks and i saw her and like a bitch i walked away without saying a word. while talking to my mom she walked by me and threw the biggest smile my way. i knew then i had to talk to her. she opened her mouth and i fell in love. she was an aussie with black hair tan skin and spoke with an english accent because she lived in london for a few years. i finally got into the party and took her with me. met a bunch of people inside. saw carson from queer eye and fucking ryan seacrest. those were the only two assholes that stand out like soar thumbs. i suck at recognizing people. went to some more bars with emma my love, my sister, and some other cool peeps i met. while waiting for the girls to barter our way into a club the dealer popped out. immediately we were all let in. he filled my pockets full of more christmas snow. i met a cougar inside another bar. she asked me what i did and i said i was a ski intructor. she gave me her number for private lessons and anything else i could offer her privately. went back to my place for the after party around 4 with a bunch of drunks. never slept.

sunday. went straight to some ranch to go snowmobiling. saw more amazing scenery. got back to the hotel and slept for 20 minutes. woke up. boarded again. went to dinner. ran into carrot top. hit up a couple bars and then called it a trip.

in summation. aspen is beautiful and partys harder then any other place ive been to so far. its filled with beautiful women. the one thing that sucked was falling in love my last night. i cant wait to go back in february. oh and, drugs are bad.

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