Monday, December 20, 2004


Image taken from Dreamcaps, sent in by Dan of Mighty.

Last night I hung out with some dudes and they were all going gay for Brandon. Straight dudes, mind you, who are in bands, who, at the mention of Brandon's name or the Killers, turn into 13 year old girls.

KarenRTAG: can you believe that video?
KarenRTAG:Ultragrrrl: i told brando that it made my vagina explode.
KarenRTAG: you are so foul with all these vagina explosions

Thank you fo


Anonymous said...

too bad his band is so bad and he cant sing live. the killers will be forgotten in 6 months.

Anonymous said...
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Ultragrrrl said...

no way man. you gotta see them again.

Anonymous said...

C'mon, Ultraskank! It's not as if I wrote about your book deal just now. I'm just expressing my emotions.

The least you can do as a talentless, corrupt media hack is let the little people talk back. Then again, anyone looks little compared to your bloated ass.


Anonymous said...

Hey Anon, that's out of order. If you hate Ultra or her blog so bad, why bother reading it? Let alone posting such personalised garbage. I hope you choke on your own bile, hater.

Anonymous said...

dont listen to him, hes an asswhole.


Anonymous said...

For the record, I am anonymous commentor #1 in this section. It looks as though commentor #4 took it upon him or herself to imply that #4 and #1 are the same person when in fact they are not. i would never say you have a large derrier sarah, in fact i think its lovely and i would never call you ultraskank.

i just dont like the killers.

i suppose i should just sign up and get a screen name to avoid this confusion in the future. but you #4 are spineless and weak.


Anonymous said...

He looks so different in the "Somebody told me" video. How can that be the same person? Lighting and make-up?