Thursday, December 30, 2004


I wonder if there's anyway for scientists to figure out a way to study the activities of animals so they can better prepare for natural disaters like the Tsumani (that is, of course, if they're not already). This article is fascinating:

Where Are All the Dead Animals?
Wed Dec 29,10:19 AM ET
COLOMBO (Reuters) - Sri Lankan wildlife officials are stunned -- the worst tsunami in memory has killed around 22,000 people along the Indian Ocean island's coast, but they can't find any dead animals.

On a whole nother note, I've been telling people that i got the same feeling with the oohlas as I did when I first heard Interpol, the Killers, and Muse. I can't wait to send these singles out cause balls are gonna blow, things are gonna explode...etc. The songs on my EP are different than the ones on their myspace page, but you should check those out as well. And if you manage to find their song "the rapid" on a downloading service, download it immediately. A friend of mine just spent 10 minutes telling me how much he is blown away by that song.

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