Thursday, December 16, 2004


This morning, after being awaken by my family members who have forgotten that the west coast is three hours behind the east coast, I decided to hop in my white pick-up truck and search for that Starbucks that Amy gave me directions to the day before. I dove around for a while until I decided to just go to the busy street that I take to get to the canyon. I started driving and driving figuring that eventually I'd find a Starbucks. The further I drove, the more run down the stores and houses became until I decided that the chances of a Starbucks being located next to a 99 cent store and a check cashing point was probably not likely. So I turned right, down a random street, so i could return back home.

I got to my first corner and saw a bunch of guys standing in a cluster on the corner. This particular corner was fairly run down and there was a pretty nice car standing still in front of me. The guys looked like they were waiting for either a bus or a drug deal, and since there weren't any bus stops near by, I assumed they were up to no good. I got totally excited. I kept on thinking "This is so awesome. This is totally like out of a movie like 'Boyz in Da Hood' or 'Friday,' cool!" So I took a photo with my sidekick with intentions to send them to my friends back home saying "look! check it out! it's like from one of those movies!" One of the guys standing on the corner saw me waiting for the SUV ahead of me to move and motioned for me to just go around it. I thought to myself "OK, be cool. Nothing is gonna happen to you and besides, you totally left your new ipod at home." So I drove around the corner, and what do you know... they were shooting a movie. Figures.

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