Saturday, December 18, 2004


Hola Los Angeles Amigos!

The Revolution Smile is performing Saturday night at Spaceland. If you're reading this now, that means, technically, tonight, December 18. The Rev Smile's singer, Shaun Lopez, used to be in Far and he's an all around great guy and I've been sleeping in his studio for the past week. It's very comfortable with wireless internet, a fridge stocked with sugfree redbull, and cable tv. Not to mention all the lovely recording equiptment I've been toying with at 3am writing my soon to be pop sensations.

But in all seriousness, The Revolution Smile are great and the line-up has changed a bit, so it's definitely worth checking out.


Anonymous said...

I love this band. :)


Anonymous said...

the band sounded nice.
and I loved that Bloc Party shirt! where you bought that?

emogrrrl said...

Is it possible for you to not embed music files into the journal.. just posting a link to the audio file would be a lot better.

I wish I had a fridge stocked with redbull

Jane said...

I was trying to get my bro to go see your show the other night (I wouldn't be allowed in!!! plus i think you guys would be perfect for each other) I hope you're having a blast in LA and I really wanted to see you... I'm glad the comments are back.. Have a great time in our fabulously boring at 16 city


Ultragrrrl said...

i got the bloc party shirt at their show.