Saturday, November 1, 2003

London Calling...

It's been forever since I've updated this bastard and I wish i could remember what I've been up to. The week has been so long. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday i was DJing. Each of those night I indulged in drinking. Yes, drinking. I drank and enjoyed it and found myself dealing with social situations a little bit better. All my drinks were free, which was great because I was so fucking broke.

I gotta say that last night I did a pretty bang up job dressing up like Carlos. I totally fucking adore Carlos. He's such a wonderful and great person... I hope that he knows that my costume was in tribute and not to make fun or anything. He's in the ranks of Madonna, Boy George and Meg White (whom i dressed up as last year and yesterday for work), so i guess he's iconic! Anyway, we got a photo together at Motherfucker. The party was fun, but my fucking rack was hurting me like a bitch because I actually taped the twins down as much as I could so I could look like a boy. But that didnt work to well and i ended up with a shelf instead of a rack.

Anyway... So far tonight I've gone to see the Walkmen. They were great. Hamilton cut off his hair and seems to have bulked up -- like he's been lifting weights. He's always looked like he could kick someone's ass, but now he looks like he spent the past month doing it. In a little bit i'm gonna head over to the Mercury Lounge to see British Sea Power. Both the Walkmen and BSP are a couple of my favorite bands, but I'm just so fucking exhausted that I'm having a hard time totally enjoying myself.

I need to get a good night's sleep tonight. Tomorrow I'm leaving for London for a week with Greg. I'm really excited about the trip but i'm worried i'm gonna exhaust myself. Sometimes I think I should save my vacation days for a tropical setting rather than an urban one ... but the men in london are too fucking cute to pass up sometimes. I'm gonna see a few shows, dance at a few clubs, make out with a few boys. It's gonna be fun. Drinks will be had. Oh yes, drinks will be had.

To see me on Halloween dressed as Carlos D with Carlos D at Motherfucker, copy and paste this in your browser:
or go to:

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