Thursday, January 1, 2004

Happy New Year!

Last night was the gayest and best new years i've ever had. Started the night at Greg's for Fatherfucker. When I arrived, Laura was perched on top of a couch and screaming out "SARAH!!!!!!!!" She pretty much played Paul Revere the whole night and instead of saying "The British are coming!" she declared "The hipsters are coming!" I asked her to be my new years kiss, and so she was. No tongue tho. I then made out with Electro Greg and an apparently bi-sexual guy named Jonathan with a Norwegian haircut. I also found a picture of Kate Moss, cut out her mouth, and went around with my lips in place of hers asking people if they wanted to kiss Kate.

Then i went to DJ at Don Hills and the place was packed. My first song was "Ice Ice Baby." I made out a bit more with other boys. Maybe some of them were gay. I'm not sure. I think i'm gonna make buttons that say "I made out with Ultragrrrl." Anyway, throughout the night about 1100 people showed up to Don Hills, so thank you so much if you were one of them!

I got home at about 8am. Walked my blind dog and then went to sleep.

Now I just have to wait a few more hours until "World Idol" is on. I <3 KURT!

I know i left out a lot of stuff. My head is broken today.

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