Monday, February 9, 2004


OK, so i'm gonna try my very best to recall what went on Saturday. The day started off taking Brian out to brunch at Clinton Street Bakery with Lizzy, Niki, Courtney, and Eva. The girls, naturally, loved Brian. Who became known as APBrian. All Purpose Brian. I would like to point out that both Niki and myself had two whole entrees for breakfast. I had a buttermilk bizkit sandwich AND huevos rancheros and Niki had two plates of something or another. I totally finished both my breakfasts. So full. Feed a cold, and baby, i had the flu.

We went back home, I took a nap, and then woke up in a panic when i realized that during lunch Brian expalined what a PA amp was, and that I didnt have it. So I started frantically call people looking for one. I asked Nate the Roommate if he had one since he's in a band and apparently band's would be the most likely to have a PA amp. No dice. After about 85 frantic phone calls, stellastarr* fucking totally saved my sorry fat ass. Michael Jurin hopped into a cab and schlepped the PA amp and two massive speakers to Brian's loft. Me, dressed in a black tutu dress, helped bring the stuff up. Then we looked at pictures of naked women on Brian's computer and drank some of the PBR that Danburn had dropped off earlier as we waited for the Karaoke to get set up and the people to start arriving.

Once the Karaoke was set up, and there was about 2 people there, I busted out with some Violent Femmes. Then Laura and I sang some No Doubt. At this point -- when there was about 10 people there -- i started losing my voice. A problem that kept me from singing anymore that night, but didn't prevent me from making a few special annoucements ("we've run out of beer. who would like to donate to the beer fund? please tip your karaoke masters!") in a very rhaspy, hardly audible, voice.

Eventually the place started packing up and i was like, holy fucking shit. A bunch of my friends from growing up showed up, which was AWESOME. Evan and Jon, i've known since kindergarden, came. Noah came, just by chance, cause he heard about some cool party ... i've known him since sixth grade! Dan Marcus and Cat came, and I knew them since sixth grade also, and Marcus officially gave me the best ever gift -- a pair of die he made when we were in crafts class together in high school and a free tibet pin from when we were in the free tibet club. Hilarious! Even my friend Dan Valentino came. AMAZINGLY, Greg the boyfriend came up to me, only moments after we had made out, to tell me that he had just made out with a really cute girl. Moments later I found him MAKING OUT WITH CAT! I was so totally psyched! It was so totally fucking awesome.

Someone gave me liquid vicoden, which i didnt take, but others did. The next day i got emails from friends who had taken just a bit of it and were still stoned. Crazy! I dont know what I did take, but all i know is that I couldnt remember any of the karaoke performances, but found photographs of me today standing right by the karaoke pit.

The Aquariuses had pins made up by this guy named Lou (who brought some kids to the party whom were in, i think, Further Seems Forever, and recognized me as "the girl wearing a Muse shirt in spin" ... which prompted us talking about muse b-sides for about a half hour. yes i'm a total fucking fagdork). Lou, is an awesomely prompt pin maker and i would like to plug him now. He's got great prices on pins and his email is
The pins said the following, and were given out as party favors:

i made out with ultragrrrl
i kissed miss modernage
danburn is my manwhore

When I handed Greg the boyfriend my pin, he read it and looked up and said "this is true! on more than one occasion!" others protested that the pin was stating false information.

Rob Sheffield and his girlfriend, Ali the Rocket Scientist, performed an incredible redition of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" that literally floored people. People are like, dude, did you hear that redition? oh my god! so best!

My brother showed up, ready to party. Apparently he apologized to Brian the moment he walked into the house, just incase he did anything that was worth apologizing for. I also heard that he performed "Luck Be a Lady" and demanded that people donate to the beer fund stating "Frank wasn't sober when he sang this, and I shouldnt be either."

The cool thing about having the party be a karaoke one was that it meant CONSTANT HITS! Like, every song is sure to be awesome and sung out of key and everyone was singing along. it was so sweet and touching. Well, the photos were at least. I remember while walking around that the songs were all awesome. Sid and Buddy are awesome at being Karaoke hosts. Jesus. They're like, 2nd to none. They have a weekly gig starting up this week at 10pm at Remote Lounge in the East Village. It's so totally worth participating in.

OK, that's all that i can squeeze out of my head at the moment. I think i sort of want there to be parties like this one once a month. No guestlists! No price at the door! Enough room for everyone! and KARAOKE!

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