Monday, August 1, 2005


This morning when I was heading to work with Karen (we dont work together but we walked/woke/boke together) and I said "holy shit, i think last night i posted a photo of brandon, ryan, and joe on my blog with nothing written. just their photo. I cant be given my computer when i'm drunk."

So that would explain the post below. The other posts of my buddies... well, it's easier than writing and a picture tells a thousand words. I am having a lot of fun with my friends. we laugh nonstop. also, a lot of NOY fans have been checking out the blog cause of the single and i figured it'd be fun for them to see the process that it's created. i sound apologetic. i shouldn't apologize.

Last night I went with the NOY boys and a couple of their friends to dinner at Nobu. It was my first time there and the food was really fucking great, at least I think it was. By the time my food got to me I was already 2.5 sheets to the wind and dying of laughter. We were all so loud that we ended up sending two glasses of champagne to the table next to us and i think we were the last ones to leave. Our waitress recognized me from tv and I tried to get a free bottle of sake out of it, but I was unsuccessful, I think. I'm not sure really. I was bombed by that point. I don't even remember eating the last two pieces of salmon sushi i ordered or anything else. I was stoked though, cause brandon's best friend brian is in brand new so i got to geek out momentarily and be like "dude, your band is FANTASTIC." I think. Once again, I'm not sure.

I'm fairly certain everyone wound up at my house last night because I have photo graphic evidence and there were people sleeping on my floor in the morning.

I'm sitting at my desk at work now. I'd rather be hugging Josh.

I also need this in my life:

This is the Editor's song "Blood." When Karen DJed it at an Interpol after party, interpol came up to her and asked if it was them:
Editors - "Blood"

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