Saturday, August 6, 2005


Brandon from Nightmare of You had to get emergency wisdom teeth extraction today so NOY had to drop out of their tour until (probably) August 10. Such a bummer. Here's to hoping that he gets well soon and saves me some painkillers.

On a lighter note, I went to Tenafly today to clear out what's left of my bedroom since my parents just moved. I found these great old school portraits, class photos, and an old letter I sent ot my friend Ali during the summer of 93 where I told her about my summer exploits. I will share it for you now (gramatical errors and all):

Dear Ali,
How are you sorry I didnt get a chance to write you my camp has kept me so busy. I went out with two boys this summer, one the first week the secondboy the 3rd week. The 1st boys name was Noah he was exactly 1 foot taller than me. I didn't really like him but I felt bad for him so I went out with him. He was the worst kisser not only did he bite but he almost swalled me. The second boys name was Boaz. He used to go out with Catt but she dumped him. He was a little better of a kisser than Noah but he to bit. Ilyssa and Catt dumped him for me yesterday. Disney World was awesome. So was the hotel. Did you go out with any one in camp? When you get back we've got to do something together but not going to town I'm kind of sick of town but if you want to go I'll go. Well I got to go. Love Sarah.

My mom and brother laughed their asses off when I read this to them. My brother was a bit freaked out that i was kissing boys when i was 13 and my mom thought my description of kissing was hilarious. They also were amused to hear that I had two "boyfriends" in the summer and had my friends dump the second one. 13 year olds can be ruthless.

ADDED: I forgot to add that when looking at a class photo from nursery school my brother asked me in a voice mocking me at age 3 or 4 "Where's BENJIIIIIIIII? BENJIIIIIII!!!!!"
I replied "How do you remember Benji?"
He said "You used to talk about him all day long 'MY BOYFRIEND BENJIIIIII MY BOYFRIEND! MY BOYFRIEND!!!!!!' when you were in nursery school."
"Oh my God! I can't believe you remember that. He and I used to kiss in the back of class during recess. I have no idea what his name is or where he is now."

One day I'll scan in that photo -- which has been colored on by me with marker -- and maybe i'll find Benji. The following year in school, my boyfriend's name was Matt Aronoff. We also used to sit in the back of class kissing, which freaked out our friend Jarod. I remember telling Jarod that he had to find someone that he loved to kiss. About 12 years later Matt started going out with my best friend in high school, Dalia. Anyway, it's nice to know that I haven't actually changed a bit since then. I'm still making out with boys, but instead of it being in the back of a nursery school classroom during recess, it's in the back of a club at misshapes.

By the way, this post was inspired by Rob Hitt's website. Please check it out.

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