Saturday, August 27, 2005


I'm in Miami right now soaking in the ... humidity. Ron Perry has become my Josh/Brandon stand-in for the weekend, which is totally fucking awesome because Ron Perry is really fucking wonderful. He always manages to find the cutest blond at the party to make out with... which is something those other homos i hang out with never do. Just kidding, i love homos. I also want to say how excited I am to get hate mail from you all in regards to that last sentence.

Lastnight I DJed the Revolver party at Pawn Shop, and I can't express to you my delight when I saw Merlin Bronques there. Seeing him makes me feel at home, and seeing the Miami kids clutter to have their photo taken by him was amazing. Check them out!

Today we went to some Yahoo! party that Good Charlotte were hosting and I saw that guy from Entourage that plays Eric (Kevin Connelly) with a very pretty and blonde Niki Hilton there. Pharrell was also there, in his underwear, taking photos with scantily clad models. I spent most of the party hanging out with Josh's brothers which was really nice since I only knew one of them well. I fucking love that whole family, and hope to make them my own one day... it already feels like I have.

Right now, Ron and I are at the MTV Hotel (I'm updating this blog from the lobby) and we're about to get some sushi. I'm hoping it'll be really good since we're on the ocean and everything. Then we're going to do TONS of Heroin because it's not poisoned down here like it is on the Lower East Side. Ah sweet unpoisoned bliss. I'm kidding by the way. Please know that.

Tonight I'm going to go to the SPIN/Kanye West party at the Shore Club and then I'm DJing the BAMmies (Bam Margera's party) at the Opium Garden with Kill Hannah. Josh's brother Benji might be joining me on the decks for a bit.

Sunday... what the fuck am I doing on sunday? I guess I'm going to the Killers/Fallout Boy party and then the My Chemical Romance/Greenday party. I DEFINITELY will not be at the VMAs because i will DEFINITELY be hungover.

Monday i'm heading to Orlando to have a reunion with my NOYBOYS. I miss them so much. I want to be surgically attached to Brandon so he never leaves my side. I'll have him on one side, and Josh on the other. It'll be like a hot, sexless, pointless, porn.

I love you,

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