Tuesday, August 16, 2005


My Brother, Lawrence, has gone emo. Bromo? That can work in two ways. I have Bromos.

I had something written here, but my brother called me and told me how my story was very similar to someone else's -- and i actually like the other person who told me the story... and i guess it didn't actually make that much of a dent in my brain since i totally forgot about the story until he reminded me while I was out in the country and away from a computer to change the entry and save face. sorry.

anyway... while i'm not about to go back to that bar and find that boy who likes really fresh sushi (though, maybe he'll recognize himself on here ... hi!... i guess that when I was 4 I peed my pants cause I hated peeing. i thought imperfect people peed.

I'm glad that when I came home it was to the boys in my life that love animals. The ones who have proven that they can be selfless and unconditionally loving to something that relies on them.

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