Thursday, August 4, 2005


I rarely, rarely, rarely go to the Velvet Rope message boards because they're filled with bitter folks who don't like ANYTHING. Nothing. I have yet to see them like something. That's not my style, so I stay far, far, far away.

But today I got bored and curiosity got the best of me and so I went over and found this thread called INXS: THE SCAM

In it, someone posted:
"I have been holding back for a while, but I can't take it anymore!!

I was one of the final 50 selected to go to LA for the final round for the INXS:Rockstar show. I wrote a journal about my experience and described all 50 contestants I saw when I was there. From day one we were told 14 people make it to the show...14...14...14...14!!! I have contracts to prove this. Anyway, all of sudden the show airs and there are 15 contestants...go figure! I recognize all of them, except one...MIG! He WAS NOT at the audtions. I promise you!!

So I came to realize, Mig is the mole..the plant if you will. INXS probably recorded the album with him already, though that I can't prove.

Check this out: One of the songs we were given to learn was "We Are The Champions"...then it was pulled. They changed it. Could it be because MIG was the lead in the London production of 'Queen: We Will Rock You'? A Broadway type show. And isn't the TV show supposed to be about guys and girls who are struggling to make a career out of singing?? MIG has a career...go figure!!

The icing on the cake was tonight. Great reality setup. One guy slaughters a Queen tune last week..then Mig comes in to show he can save the day and really sing a Queen song...go figure!!
He has been singing them for a living!!!

Anyway, if you are a betting Vegas and get the odds on Mig. You walk away a rich man/ me!!

It's just disapponiting to know the band is using this program to jusat market themselves and a singer they have already selected. The auditions were really to surround MIG. Pretty sad..."

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