Tuesday, August 16, 2005


As I sat behind my laptop fastidiously trying to find the song from the commercial I just saw, BrandonR turned to me and said:
"You do realize that we might be superfans. You and I. This is it. We're 'Instant Star' superfans."
"Shhhh!" I said, "Pause Degrassi, I found that song!"

We had previously watched the episode promo twice to hear Jude perform her totally acoustic-Hole-like performance, and after each watching, Brando and I high-fived each other. I am so stoked, I thought that episode's song was going to be "Your 21." For Instant Star fans, I think this one is better than the mashup she did with S-to-the-H-to-the-A-to-the-Y.

Instant Star Alexz Johnson - Skin
Instant Star Alexz Johnson - "Waste My Time" (the Jude and Shay mashup)

Also, totally off topic, but just a bit of a fashion tip for boys --

A couple of months one of my friends asked me to pick up a specific pair of pants for him at H&M. He told me to pick up as many I could find in his size and that he would pay me back when I gave them to him the next time he was in NYC.

A day or two later when Josh called me while I was shopping at H&M, he asked me what I was looking for and i told him: Slightly shiney, tapered black pants from H&M with the PINK label... women's pants.

"Oh, I have two pairs of those that will be his size. You can give mine to him. I gave a pair to my brother. They're great." (Yes, Josh is sooo giving that he would give someone a pair of pants that he loves because they want them. I've literally seen him give the shirt right off his back to someone who liked it. I am so lucky to have him in my life.)
"Thanks, but I think he'll want new ones."
"Then you have to go to the H&M on Lexingon and 50th or something. I think they're the only ones who carry it."

After that, everytime I assist one of my guy friends in shopping, those are always the pants i look for, and those are always the pants that get bought. So boys with skinny legs... go find those!

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