Tuesday, August 23, 2005


It's 3:08pm and the NOYboys are still fast asleep. On a typical tuesday I have Jordana the intern come in and we sit around working on stolen transmission singles and watching tv... but today I'm letting the boys have their day off spent in a silent snoozefest. Apparently, i have quite possibly the most comfortable couch in lower manhattan, and brandon refers to my apartment as the black hole... once you're sucked in, it's hard to leave. He's right. I never want to leave and I hardly like having any sort of social interactions that require me to leave my apartment for longer than an hour.

On friday, I'll have to buck it up. I'm headed to Miami for the VMAs. I might be DJing on friday at the pawn shop for some Debbie Harry event and then saturday I'm djing with Kill Hannah for the BMAs (Bam Margera's party). Sunday are the VMAs (i'm still on the fence about going). Monday i'm flying to Orlando to meet up with Nightmare of Jews and then driving up to NYC with them. We're making a stop in Tampa, so i better see Chris Drama there.

All this out of apartment time will make me appreciate sitting at home and watching TV more.

When i do leave the house, it's for good reasons:

Friday was the stolen transmission party at orchard bar. We had a total blast, as always. I guess right now would be a good time for me to tell you all that the Tarts of Pleasure are going on vacation. We'll be back at the Orchard Bar on September 16 where we'll be throwing the Unofficial Sponge Afterparty. A simple phonecall could make it the OFFICIAL sponge party, but then it's not funny anymore.

Saturday night I DJed at Misshapes with My Chemical Romance's Mikey and Gerard Way. When I was younger, Mikey and I would go to TisWas every weekend and we'd dance to brit pop and obsess over blur and oasis and definitely radiohead. I guess people think that emo bands only listen to emo, cause they were shocked by the amount of brit pop and over all amazing music that mikey and g-rad were having me throw down.

There was an incident with some freaky, over eager goth girl who was beyond creepy. She was just kinda lurking in a very personal space invader kind of way. Some of us tried to ease her away from Gerard (who didn't even notice her apart from when she asked him if he wanted to take a drag of her cigarette... the girl was super fucking creepy), and when that didnt work, MCR's manager, Brian, had to ask her to leave the area. I found her at the bar crying into a glass of red wine... her tears literally falling into the glass. I felt bad, but remained slightly cautious of her.

Moments passed and she was back, hovering by Gerard and hanging onto the glass that separates the dj booth from the dance floor. I started to get freaked out. She stood about 3 feet from him crying. Anyone that knows Gerard knows that he's incredibly sweet to his fans ... but people kept this one away, and with good reason. After her creepy level went through the roof, Brian had to have her escorted out. She dropped to the floor and started to have convulsions and freaking out. She was promptly thrown from the club. As I was leaving, she tried to enter the club again, saying that she had to go in there to get cigarettes. When the doorman turned her away, she dropped to the floor and freaked out. An ambulance was called and the girl was taken away by paramedics who had to strap her down (by the way, they were not told about her creepy factor... she was just totally out of control). People think she was on acid, i think she was just batshit insane.

Overall, thoguh, the night was really fucking wonderful. The boys had fun (who would've thought they'd see the day when Gerard would be dancing in a DJ booth to Madonna, or MIkey leading people to sing Journey's "Dont Stop Believing"?) and everyone danced and were happy. Yay.

Sunday I went to Brunch with Jordana the Intern and her awesome mom Amy at Pastis. I love hanging out with those two soo much.

After brunch went to Kate's Joint for the birthday party of the future love of my life, Josh. He ordered so much food that people (well, me) were threatening to go into the bathroom to purge so they could continue binging. Ellen brought her dog and I tried to eat it.

Everyone loves Josh. Plain and simple. Anyone that has ever met him has become smitten with his kindness and generosity and overall wonderfulness. I am so thankful to have him in my life. I'm so lucky to have him be a part of me, and me a part of him. I'm so lucky that his mom made it with his dad and made him. yay!

[thanks trent for the image!]

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