Thursday, August 25, 2005


But I am a fan...

Check out the new eCard from Nightmare of You.

It features their first single "I want to be buried your backyard" which they just shot a video for on Shelter Island (thanks again to DJ Reiter for helping me figure out the bus system and shit). The video is adorable and takes place at this beautiful place with a lake and trees and nature. We all spent the day running around, drinking beers and blessing the grass under our ass. At the end of the shoot we all jumped into a pool in our underwear and laughed at each others lame undies. Our friend Jordan Silver styled the shoot and the boys looked amazing... they also found a few ticks on their bodies afterwards, so here's to hoping that they dont have lyme disease.

I'm leaving for Miami tomorrow. This hurricane makes me wonder if I'll be the only one there. A lot of the bands are playing this weekend at Reading/Leeds and will be flying into Miami on saturdaynight/sunday morning. It will really suck for MTV if half their rock performers are stuf in England instead of on the red carpet.

Monday I'll be meeting up with the Nightmare boys in Orlando, then Tampa then the sweet Carolinas. We want to DJ parties... so if you know where we can party, please drop me a shout on the party line:

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