Wednesday, August 3, 2005


I nearly died when I saw this scene in Family Guy of Peter Griffin on E. Basically, imagine Brian the Dog as Brandon, Stewie as his cat Bella, and me as Peter.

Go here to hear about 39 different versions of Soulwax's "E Talking".

Also, I just want to talk about Soulwax for a minute... I first heard about the band from Belgium when they went on tour in 1998 or 1999 with Muse in the UK. Muse had a knack for finding amazing bands to take on tour with them (Coldplay opened up for them early on, for example), so I blindly decided to pick up the Soulwax record Much Against Everyone's Advice. It was complex, layered, and amazing along the lines of Beck's earlier work, but more streamlined and uh... Belg. The band later became really fucking famous as the DJ duo 2ManyDJs, which was great cause they were racking the $$ faster than with their Almo Sounds record. But i can't urge it enough... please download whatever music you can find from MAEA. Every song on there is good.

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