Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Well, I think I'm back off the wagon. I started out slowly -- a drink here, a drink there, mostly when certain people weren't looking -- and then i got more open about it, just when people stopped offering to buy me drinks. I've been promising some friends that i was gonna make a comeback/return since some people i know have commented that I haven't been acting the same lately, and pretty much assumed it was the lack of alcohol in my blood. Maybe they were right.

The other night i went to a party with ollie and mark and it was open bar and I just drank, and when i fell on the floor i drank some more. I danced with them to hip hop in a tutu and got lost in the music and the moment (i own it!), throwing my hands in the air, giving hugs, and dishing out the "i love you guys!" bomb more than i have in ages (cause it's true, i do love them). It's fun to let your guard down sometimes, i guess. Or maybe this is how i act when I'm unsupervised.

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