Thursday, February 10, 2005


Incase you're watching TV at 7pm *TODAY*... which is now, on the east coast, put on FUSE cause they've got MUSE LIVE AT THE WILTERN. Muse is one of the greatest live bands around right now. This is up for debate, but i'm making it a fact starting right now.

And on Access Hollywood tonight I'm gonna get to hear K.Fed speak for the very first time. horay!

UPDATE: This Muse thing is fucking awesome. Matt Bellamy is one of the most underrated artists of our generation. I don't care if people suggest that Muse uses a backing guitar track... Matt Bellamy is a guitar playing genius and I like them more than Radiohead these days. Yes, Muse probably never would've exist if there was no Radiohead, however, I don't even like referring to Radiohead in the same breath as Muse. Muse deserve more than that. They deserve to have things like planets named after them. I don't care what people say about Bellamy, cause Yorke and Co have their heads lodged so far up their own asses that they stopped making listenable music (this is where you say that my taste is too simple to even understand radiohead and this is where you say i'm too stupid to understand radiohead, and this is where i tell you to go fuck yourselves, so relax, ok?). Muse makes nothign but songs i want to listen to. I walked by someone's office today and they were listening to Radiohead and i was almost grossed out. This is coming from someone who was once the biggest radiohead super fan a person could be.

Muse is everything a rock band should be. Plain and simple.

ANOTHER UPDATE: My eyes cross and my feet go numb whenever I hear the piano breakdown in "Butterflies and Hurricanes". I'm just sayin.

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