Tuesday, February 1, 2005


Check out C.Lo and Dave Navarro at a recent benefit here.

Thanks to The Gay Master for that.

Speaking of ... i was telling a friend about blogs and explaining to him that each one has their own little bizarre celebrity obsession. For instance:

My Blog <3's Mary-Kate Olsen and Kevin Federline
Stereogum <3's Britney Federline
Thighmaster <3's Elisha Cuthbart but used to <3 Lindsay Lohan
Whatevs <3's Amanda Bynes
PinkisthenewBlog <3's Jamie Lynn Spears

Almost every blog has their very bizarre patron saint. I think that's kinda cute.

Can someone make me a star of david or cross that has MKO and KevFed in it so i can make it my blog's logo? Thanks!

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