Tuesday, February 22, 2005


So i'm proud of them and like to share with my other friends the fun stuff that they can check out:

Lindsay is having a return of the Ritalin Reading tomorrow! The line up is pretty fucking sweet:
* Mike Albo (Author of the hilarious new book "The Underminer" with Virginia Heffernan and star of My Price Point at P.S. 122)
* Alex Balk, aka TMFTML (also co-host)
* Patrick Borelli (Premium Blend, Conan O'Brien)
* Jessica Coen (Editor, Gawker)
* Christian Finnegan (Best Week Ever, Chappelle's Show, and the upcoming Comedy Central Presents on March 11.)
* Will Leitch (Author, Life As A Loser, Editor, The Black Table)

(Plus a surprise musical guest probably maybe!)

ALSO! Jake Fogelnest and comedien Paul Scheer are getting their own show on KRock in NYC starting today that's from 10pm - 2am. Here, in Jake's words, are the details:

Paul Scheer and I are going to be on the radio together. It’s a four night experiment that my insanely cool boss at 92.3 K-Rock in New York City wanted to try out. Every night, from 10pm-2am, Scheer and I are being thrown on the air with ONLY the following guidelines:

Don’t curse.
Make sure we play enough music.
Have fun and do whatever we want.

Hopefully it won't be a total trainwreck! Paul and I have four hours a night to do the greatest, crappy, college radio show ever. The only hitch is that we’re going to be broadcasting on a huge radio station and people will actually be listening to the damn thing.

They invited me to stop by the studio later this week and will be breaking out the air-delay thing for that since I can't seem to control my cursing.

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