Wednesday, February 2, 2005


I went to see the Arcade Fire last night at Webster Hall, and it was absolutely beautiful. The Arcade Fire is what my brain would look like if you opened it up... even the sad parts are kind of hopeful and the happy parts are optimistic organized chaos. They really filled up the hall quite well, but I wish I saw them at Bowery again -- only cause i'm really really short and spent the majority of time on my toes or hugging my friends who were near by and going "I LOVE THIS SONG!!!"

If anyone goes tonight, apparently the show turns into TRL after their first encore, and they start taking requests. I thought I was being clever by leaving as soon as the gorgeous "Backseat" was over, and missed this.

Did anyone see them on Conan last night? I DiVo'ed it and loved watching it...

Also, new yorkers... notice how one of the dudes looks like Coutner Commons? Hilarious!

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