Saturday, February 5, 2005


And now for something that wont likely be linked to on any other websites:

In September, the following email was sent out to a few bloggers:
"If there's anyone on the list above who you think would a) like the movie and b) be able to spread some hype about it in the online media, let me know so I can invite them. We're at seven now, and that's you guys, and I need three more, and no one that's e-mailed via XXXXXX really suits the bill."

which was later followed up with:

"REMEMBER: You guys have to write about this in your various media outlets, wherever possible. It's a trade -- awesome premiere for an awesome film and an awesome party for a load of new media press about the film."

You can read more HERE.

Now, the premier was on Sept 27th. Any of you remember a blog'splosion about this movie?

Here's one!

Oh, and THIS.

Can you find some others? It's like "Where's Waldo" or something.

So for any of you that had any problems with a certain New York Post article, maybe you'll have a little more insight to how things sometimes work.

By the way - I actually loved the movie, as did many of my blogging peers. I wouldn't have written about the movie otherwise. Or maybe I would've. I'm not quite sure.

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