Tuesday, February 1, 2005


I love this band, go to their website and listen to their songs and you will too...
Can you help them?:

so we're going on tour. and you know what
that means: we need places to play, stay,
shower, whatever. here are the dates and
where we plan/hope/pray to be. see if you
can help us fill them in.

Sat. 3/12 - jersey or baltimore
Sun. 3/13 - virginia
Mon. 3/14 - north carolina, preferably near
chapel hill

Wed. 3/16 - Sun. 3/20 we will be at SXSW but
are willing to play anything in addition to our
gigs (parties, record stores, etc.)

Mon. 3/21 - birmingham, alabama
Tue. 3/22 - memphis or knoxville, tennessee
Wed. 3/23 - philadelphia

any help is GREATLY appreciated. while we
welcome all suggestions for clubs, if you can
actually help us BOOK the show, party, or
whatever (i.e. help us do the leg work), we
would be forever in debt. please feel free to
repost this on your page, blog, whatever.

if you can help, please email us at

thank you in advance.

.morning theft.

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