Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Fluxblog is awesome. The genius behind the blog posted a remix of "You Are the Generation Who Bought More Shoes and You Get What You Deserve". I'm gonna ask Junior Sanchez to teach me how to DJ properly so i can DJ this song and blend it right into Bloc Party or something. I saw Junior DJ on friday night at the Tribeca Grand for some party and I couldnt get out of my seat for like a half hour cause i was too busy trying to study his craft. The man is a fucking genius with the way he mixes. I sat there thinking in my head "should i quit djing or should i learn how to dj?" I think i'm going to learn how to dj like a dj and not so much like a juke box. He's nice enough that I think he'd actually teach me if I asked. Anyway, thank you Scott for sending me to fluxblog.

BY THE WAY: Saints and Lovers are performing tonight at 9:30pm at Rothko (suffolk street, between delancey and rivington). So bring a bullet proof vest and check them out. Karen and I are totally fucking in love with this band and they usually start out their set with a Joy Division cover of "Atmosphere" that is so worthy of vaginal explosions that I'm gonna be releasing it in a couple of months on stolen transmission.

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