Wednesday, February 16, 2005


This is just a friendly reminder: Primal Scream fucking rules.
I was at a party the other night and the DJ played two Primal Scream songs in a row (old vs. new) and I wanted to cry with excitement. I wanted to find ecstasy and try it for the first time and lock myself in my room and listen to "Come Together" over and over again.

Wanna fight cancer? Get AIDS.
I wish i were kidding. It appears that doctors have managed to manipulate the AIDS virus to kill cancer cells in mice. This might be the biggest medical breakthrough this year. Jason told me that he doesn't want cancer nor AIDS in his body, and I have to agree with him on that one. However, this discovery is pretty remarkable.

In other news, Launch has the new My Chemical Romance video for "Helena." I can't get it to work on my computer, but I sent it to Karen and her response was overwhelmingly positive... she said something along the lines of "this band exists to be in videos." Can someone save it as a quicktime file or something for me so i can see it? I'm going crazy over here.

Also, I'm going to be DJing tomorrow (thursday) night at Bar 13 (13th and University) for the Broadcast party after I lose my shit at the Kasabian/Music show. I've seen the light, and it was Junior Sanchez, and so my set will be heavily influenced by him. I really can't wait. Vodka OPEN BAR 11-12. Live Performance From THE LOW FLYING JETS.

And in case you didn't know, Bloc Party will be playing at Motherfucker at the Roxy.

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