Friday, February 18, 2005


Did anyone else see the OC last night? As a basically straight girl who is scared to death of vaginas (mine's always exploding), I am as blueballed as everyone else by this lesbian bullshit. They need to be filling Mischa's flask with a white wine and vicodin mixture, stat, so she could at least show some sort of chemistry. I know her acting is stiff, but the connection between two characters has never been so lacking as it has with the whole Micsha/Alex thing. OK, she is supposed to be weirded out by her recent interest in punanny, but c'mon. I've seen more chemistry between me and a can of sugar free redbull. Thank goodness I have DiVo, so i can rewatch the episode and take in all of Seth's witty popculture commentary.

I went with Karen, the Vicar and my new favorite person, Matt, to see the Music and Kasabian last night... but not before pre-partying at Karen's so we could dance with our arms in the air like a bunch of retarded hippies. I got there just before Kasabian and ran into "my family" as the Vicar calls them. They're this amazing trio of a mom (amy), son (dude, 13) and daughter (jordana, 16), and they go to shows all the time and invite me to birthday dinners and know about all the good bands before even me. I was so stoked to run into them... man, i wish i went to awesome shows with my mom when I was their age. She just took me to see Julio Iglasias.

So anyway, we went upstairs to stand on chairs since the lot of us are a bunch of fucking midgets (minus Karen, whom at 5'8, towers over her munchkin posse), and I balanced myself as I spazzed out while on my perch. I wish i got there early enough to be in the crowd and right by the stage, but I had fun regardless. Kasabian LOVES Primal Scream, the Verve, and the Stone Roses a lot. I think that if this were 1998 and Radiohead didn't exist, and i were a boy, I would've been dreaming that I was Richard Ashcroft and singing like I was what'shisface from Primal Scream. Bobby Gillespie. Oh, sweet Bobby.

I've seen the Music about 29 times or something. They used to tour with the Vines, and so my girls and I would take little trips to see the Music play and stare in awe at singer Robert Harvey's dancing and singing and Phil's maniac drumming that could've been used in a Chemical Brother's album. I was bummed out that I had to leave their show early to DJ, but I got to show the knuckles while being welcomed to the north. I sadly missed the song that makes Robert sing like kermit.

The Vicar and I went over to Bar 13 for the Broadcast party and watched Low Flying Jets, whom remind me a little of Supergrass. I drank about 4 beers and danced around with Raphael the boyfriend and his girlfriend with the awesomest body evs. I actually beatmatched... which I can actually do sometimes, but never bother with. I'm not technically where i'd like to be (though, the system at 13 isn't really ideal to try out on)... but i think i'm slowly getting there. Very slowly.

Vicar and I watched the dancers show off their best moves... one girl did some sort of helicopter propeller motion and knocked into some dude behind her. I couldn't help but laugh... it was something out of a movie and i couldn't believe how lucky i was to witness it. I don't normally laugh at shit people do, but it was truly amazing and nobody got hurt. No joke, but that girl is my new favorite dancer. My private dancer. My tiny dancer.

It was amazing to hang out with Raphael again in a situation less intense than Misshapes. I miss my nights dancing with him and Greg til 4 am. I think I spent a good 9 months with those two boys, dancing and making out behind my brother's back every night until our little drunken hearts couldn't stand anymore and their little thieving hands couldn't get their paws on drinks left on tables by patrons to save money on the expensive drink prices. This trick i learned from them really came in handy on New Years Eve when nobody wanted to spend $14 on champagne.

I feel old now. I like to sit in the corner more than take over the dance floor. I don't even like going out as much as I used to. I get paranoid and tired quickly. I want to be in bed by 1am and watch the Iron Chef as I doze of to slumberland.

I gotta run and meet my brother and Rina for dinner at my parent's house. This is Rina's second adventure to Lewitinnland... she hasn't yet been turned off by the fact that my house is now an eBay storage facility.

Rina was also kind enough to send me the following links:

Kids in DC singing and dancing along with the arcade fire.

Now the ladies can write their name in snow. Vicar watched that about seventy-five times and couldn't get over the fact that when the animation is over, the girl just stands there blinking. She doesn't even wash her hands.

In return, he sent me this link. Sushi Pillows!

And the mailman just delivered a Killers platinum plaque to me. It says my name and is white. This is what it looks like. And if you ever wondered what my desk looks like, here it it in all it's messy glory(hole).

By the way, Idlewild is fucking AMAZING. I don't care if you're listening to old or new idlewild. Karen's been sharing an email conversation she's been having with a friend about what the lyrics mean and it's totally blowing my mind. She says: "too many people hide from themselves in thier coupledom and this false belief theyre not alone if theyre 'with someone...'" Mikey IMed me to tell me how obsessed he was with the new album, particularly tracks 1 and 9. I think that's everyone's favorites off of PromisesWarnings. It's got a total Walkmen intro (appropriately, since they are in love with the Walkmen), and is just sort of uplifting and strangely close to the thoughts in my head. I want to write Roddy an email letting him know that while he's been away, his friends have become creepily obsessed with his band and his lyrics. I almost forgot how painfully obsessed I was with this band until everyone started listening to them again and reminding me how good they are.

Hey, people who read this blog, i dont think i've ever said this and I dont know if it's the Idlewild talking, but I love you. thank you for being nice and sending me nice emails. It makes me happy.

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