Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Back to the old ways.

I use a Mac, so i dont know if this works, but it seems really cool if it does.

I still feel like upchucking, but I'm listening to the Katy Rose album and strangely it's making me feel better. Or maybe I'm feeling better from the Egg McMuffin and Coke... hangover cure. Typically the Katy Rose album might make me puke.

Last night I went to the Thursday/Thrice show at Roseland and discovered that Jack White was at the Track's magazine party that I blew off because I wanted to hang out with my friend Mat. When I say hang out, i mean, straighten Mat's hair. I wish I had before and after photos. Instead, I'm gonna make this photo my desktop image I think. Mat's in the middle. His band are opening up for the Darkness tonight. I've been blacklisted by the Darkness. I love you, but i've chosen Kill Hannah.

Missed Thrice but Roseland was a massive sweat box, so i'm assuming there was moshing. Thursday were awesome and I was so fucking drunk by the time they came on. My friend Mikey and I were running around upstairs chasing each other and smacking people's asses. He's got a mohawk now, which i bit. I was hoping to bite off a bit like you might with an icicle, but that didnt work. The two of us were retarded amounts of drunk and acting like 15 year olds who've never been drunk before -- i'm shocked we didnt get kicked out.

Oh, there was confetti. that was awesome. I liked the confetti.

Then I went with Karen and Sarah and Carolyn and Gina to the after party. I dont remember the after party very well because it was open bar and I was double fisting non-stop. I have no idea how i managed to get in bed at night but i woke up with the tv on in the morning. I really wanna see what my liver looks like at this point.

Oh my god. The following exchange just occured:
Friend: I woke up with a smile on my face and this message on my cell "WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU STOP MAKING OUT WITH WHOMEVER YOURE MAKING OUT WITH AND GET THE FUCK OVERHERE."
Me: That's a funny voicemail. Who left it?
Friend: You did.


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