Sunday, November 23, 2003


Oh. God. Hangover. Hell.

Last night I went to Ben's house to meet up with him, Lindsay, and Glenn (with two n's). Ben made me a totally awesome drink using Pepsi Blue (who knew you could still find that shit) and Rum... I drank a lot of these. A few other people came to meet up with us there including Brian, Vin, and his biazrro twin. My head hurts as i type this. I dont know if i'm making sense i'm sorry.

We all went to Ryan and Alex's house for Eva and Alex Moreno's birthday party. I drank more. Partied some more. I bit someone's arm. Brian took a photo of me and I think i flashed the camera and if that ends up on his site, i will be killed by my brothers. The party was fucking great as Ryan and Alex's parties usually are. So many people. All so cute. All so nice. All so drunk. I saw a lot of people that I haven't seen in ages ... like Sebastian! And I'm totally unable to go out these days without seeing the danger twins Carlos and Paul. I believe I'm accidently stalking them. Eva's boobies looked awesome. I tried to kiss them. She wouldn't let me. I didn't make out with anyone i dont think. I'm pretty sure I didnt.

I drank a lot and then some.

After the party I relocated some festivities to my house.

I'm watching the Spice Girls' "Behind the Music." I want to be a pop star.

I'm leaving a lot out from last night. I can't think.

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