Sunday, November 16, 2003

Hoo Dee Hoo!

Missy Elliott was fucking amazing last night on SNL. Bands are usually so boring on that show (there have been a few exceptions), and hip hop artists? Forget it! Even not on SNL live hip hop shows are boring (i like hip hop... i'm not one of those rock-only snobs). But Missy last night was awesome. I was staring in absolutely awe as she had dancers do the river dance and make it look cool. I was like, fuck, why didnt I think of that? She even said that the dance was called "The Dutch"... but we white people know... it's the river dance. I can't wait to see that shit blow up on the dance floors.

Watch the video for "Pass The Dutch".

PS - In October, Laura brought me a copy of "Pass the Dutch" when I was DJing the Libra bash for Elliott, Jo, and Sophie. It was TOO bass heavy for me to get people moving, so i'm waiting for a remix.

Oh, and I heard some other Britney songs today from her new album In the Zone while watching the MTV special of the same name, they were REALLY FUCKING GOOD. I can't wait to get the album! I saw a couple kids waiting at the Virgin Megastore in times square tonight on my way to dinner with my family -- they were waiting to meet Britney on tuesday.

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