Saturday, November 8, 2003

Hello from Albion

I'm in London right now and have been since monday. The weather has been surprisingly great and the food has been expectedly terrible. I think i've lost five pounds since arriving, and that probably includes five pounds in great british sterling. i'm so fucking broke it's crazy. I was expecting some freelance money to come in before my trip but that failed so my rent check ended up swallowing all my vacation funds. I've managed to get drinks off my credit card and from the kindness of strangers. Shopping didn't really get to happen cause all the places i wanted to buy things from were only taking money, and cabs swallow cash like a high school sophomore swallows ...

I got to meet up with an old friend last night, which was so overwhelmingly nerveracking. I ended up drinking 3 beers with him so that i would stop shaking in my pants and then went to meet up with my friend Oli who gave me another beer and fun. We headed over to the Barfly to see Johnny Lives and after realizing that i had drunk an unbelievable amount of beer and forgot to eat anything the entire day, i sat down and asked to be taken home.

The funniest thing about this trip is that Elefant have been in London as well and so we've all been hanging out together a lot. I went to one of their gigs at the Boarderline and Diego dedicated a song to me. After the show i went into the bathroom and was treated to another show of two people fucking in the bathroom stall next to mine. A bunch of us started to line up to go in an Diego saw that I was trying to re-enter and got really concearned saying that i wasnt old enough for such things. We all then went to the Columbia Hotel and had more beer after more beer and Diego told me i wasn't old enough for coke either. I agree.

Oh, Greg and I are in a band together called Debutaunt. Brandon, Elefant/Interpol's manager is now our manager. We're huge over here.