Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Rock N Roll over again.

My brother Lawrence set it up so that this blog is on now. hotness.

I fucking love the new Ryan Adams album. I'm not a big Ryan fan, but this album is very good. Very good indeed. When I was at a Virgin Megastore in London i heard it booming over the speakers and thought "what is this? this is fucking great?" and low and behold, it's the guy who's feet i tripped over at the NME awards last year. He was sitting down and I used his knee for balance. I should've kissed him or something.

Last night i went to Marc's book reading at CBs. He was so much better this time around versus the first time I saw him -- which was actually his first book reading ever. I drank a lot and a lot more. I drifted home while singing "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" like little orphan Annie. I had no money and felt like an orphan. When i got to Rush Hour I tried to buy a goat cheese salad but they wouldn't take credit card. Dave Prince and Ariel were there and saw my dilemma and Dave bought me a salad. So sweet. I had dinner and then downed a few Tylenol PMs so I could forget about my lack of money. I think tonight I will sell some CDs that I got in the mail today. THEN I WILL BE RICH.

"So Alive" by Ryan Adams is so fucking good it makes me want to get up on my chair and start dancing or something. But my big toe hurts and so that will hurt. I think i should get some painkillers for that.