Friday, November 14, 2003

My legs hurt

My body hurts. I wanna puke. I wanna crawl into a ball and rock like a crack baby. This is how i feel today. Plus, I smell like fabreeze covering up saturated smoke and booze. The smell is making me queasy.

I saw the twenty twos last night. I really like them cause they remind me of Elastica a little, but for pretty much no reason other than the fact that it's three women and a guy on drums and they've got keyboards. OK, so maybe they're a bit like Elastica meets the Distillers or something. The way this band will end is this: They've got two stars in the band. Jenny the singer and Terrah the keyboardist. Two many stars are dangerous... even though Interpol pull it off alright.

Whenever Terrah sings I look at her dimples and wanna poke them.

I dont like Longwave.

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