Tuesday, November 25, 2003

sofa king awesome.

I love knowing med students because I've got such a disturbing fascination with the dissection of human bodies. I typically ask people what the dead people's lungs looked like becasue that sort of interests me. When I asked a friend what it was like to cut up dead people, here's the super fucking awesome response i got back:

"Dissect-ed, baby, "when I dissect-ed." I'm done poking around up-in some dead chick's guts. I retired, to the garbage, my smelly formaldehyde scrubs and sneakers covered in somebody's-somebody. Some of the girls seemed to have fun joking with conspicuous "huge cock man." Of course the major psycho-insecure-flirt girl got that body. But then again these are medical students (i.e. people who grew up in caves deep under the earth's crust). I'm not sure if all of them had seen a dick in person before. One 65 year old dead woman had tattoos so a student near me went, "oh my god she has a tattoo, be careful, I bet she has aids." So I kept using his body's hand to scratch his butt and freak him out. Until he got me into trouble. I think the hands were my favorite part because I could use them to hold tools I wasn't using. The naughty bits of my body weren't in good shape. The nice old lady we had looked to be about 80 and everything in her lower abdomen was so pancaked together it was hard to tell what was what. Girls have very busy bodies. I was left wondering how women can get through life without peeing all over themselves. There's no room down there and no muscles to hold it in."

I think I could listen to this person talk about dead people's bodies for hours if all the stories are like this!

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