Saturday, November 15, 2003

OK. i'm just gonna do a running commentary of the whole show.

The Coopers video wasn't very good. There was a narrative in it, which is something very British it seems or something, but the band wasnt even in it. They're so cute. What a waste.

Music these days is filled with a lot of "what should've made" ... at least in my opinion. It's like, the Muse and Coldplay albums are the albums Radiohead should've made (sacrelidge! you scream?). Oasis should've written some songs like the ones the Coopers wrote. The Strokes should've had as much of an interesting, head slapping, greek tragedy filled year as the Libertines had. U2 should've written the song "So Alive" by Ryan Adams. The Distillers song "The Hunger" should've been written by Courtney. Axl might have to off himself after he hears the Darkness album.

Funeral For a Friend wish they were from NJ and called My Chemical Romance.

Men shine when they sing with PJ Harvey. She looks amazing in this Josh Homme video. I wanna touch her hair.

Hope of the States - "Enemies/Friends" ... They're wearing military jackets. Very Libertines. Yes, I would rip off the Libs too. They have a violinist in the band and one of the members look like Roddy from Idlewild and they have a military style drum. That is awesome. A violinist too. I dont know if i actually like this band or if i'm just drawn to them. It's like British Sea Power meets Coldplay, but a bit more annoying cause the guy's voice isn't so good.

Ed O'Brien is hot. And I'd fuck Thom Yorke. But that's a given.

lostprophets now. MTV2 owes me Muse now. Unless they played it. fuck. OH MY GOD. NO MUSE?! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS WORLD COMING TO? Or did they play them? I need to program a show on MTV.

Ed O'Brien = Hot. Thom Yorke = Sexy, Short, Fashionalbe. Phil Selway = Jew.
AND HOLY SHIT THEY'RE PLAYING THE "STOP WHISPERING" VIDEO! And wow was that a shitty video. Even though, I couldn't get closer to the TV to watch it. The Greenwood's have great hair genes. Thankfully, Thom stopped opting for the puerto-rican brass hair dye jobs.