Friday, November 28, 2003

The Feel Good Hit of the Evening

Wednesday night... A couple days later and what can i remember? Not all that much, but still quite a lot. It was another nail in the sobriety coffin. Not the last, but close. Had a little Motherfucker preparty at my house. We drank and smoked a bit and before long my bedroom was filled to the brim with cute boys. You know, a typical Wednesday night at apt 3a.

We all filed into a couple of cabs and headed to Mofo... it was a pretty slow night, which is understandable since everyone had already headed back to their homes somewhere other than NYC. I had a drink or 6 more and soon found myself dancing with the tranny and david la chappelle muse Amanda Leproire -- whom i'm totally fucking obsessed with -- on top of some platform. I think at some point I started making out with Greg, but in a total over the top way where I was pushing him around some area and knocking down things.

At around 6am I post partied til the sun came up. NYC was empty on Thursday. It was fa-reeeky.

It was one of those evenings that reminds me why Tim's nickname for me is Trouble.

I think i'm the only person who thinks those Rich Girls are actually really sweet and not awful in the slightest.

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